"Their blissful music runs high on soulful harmonies and rapturous textures, occupying the gulf between the likes of Feist, Bon Iver, Other Lives and Rumours era Fleetwood Mac. Originally from Des Moines, Iowa, the vast natural landscape, valleys and rivers of their hometown exert a powerful influence over their sound, producing a grand and expansive effect...this is prairie music of the highest order. Taylor's enchanting, bittersweet, hook-laden vocals float on a wave of reverb luring you in like a siren-you won't be able to resist. A flawless opening statement from a band with far-reaching appeal." - TRU LUV, UK

"To project a sense of beauty and restraint through story-telling isn’t something that can necessarily be taught. Attempted and worked upon, sure, but to truly enchant with a simple deliverance of words is something wholly natural. Though we’ve only heard a few songs thus far from Field Division, there seems to be no question that they possess this somewhat magical skill. The music they make feels borne of the soil. Enriched with the glow of a day quietly coming to life, it moves urgently and attentively but feels completely unhurried. An endless grace slowly revealed."-Gold Flake Paint, UK